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Web Application Development Company

As a leading web app development company, we specialize in leveraging our long-standing experience to drive digital transformation through custom web application development services, ultimately enhancing customer satisfaction. We help you implement the right technologies in areas that are best suited to bring your business value.

Our focus is to understand “What does the client want?” From ideation to testing and delivery, our developers develop and offer exceptional web app development services for sustainable business growth.

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Our Cutting-Edge Web Development Service

We at SDLC Corp recognize that every business has uniqueness, and your website should reflect that.

Our seasoned web development team takes the time to comprehend your objectives, brand identity, and target market, ensuring your website is customized to satisfy your precise specifications.

Whether you require an e-commerce platform, a dynamic content management system, or a slick portfolio website, we have a team of expert developers to make your vision a reality.

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Our Web Development Services

Website Design

Web development services create visually engaging, user-friendly websites by focusing on layout, color, and branding to enhance overall user experience.

Front-End Development

Web development services excel in creating responsive, interactive interfaces using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for compatibility across devices and browsers.

Back-End Development

Back-end development ensures website functionality and database integration through PHP, Python, Ruby, and Node.js.

E-commerce Development

Our company crafts secure, user-friendly e-commerce platforms, enabling businesses to thrive online.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

We streamline content management through custom CMS platforms and integration with popular frameworks like WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Website Maintenance and Support

Web development solutions include ongoing maintenance and support, ensuring seamless website operation and security.


Reporting & Analytics

Implement robust reporting and analytics tools to gain insights into website performance and user behavior.

Web Push Notification

Utilize web push notifications to keep users informed and engaged with real-time updates.

Web Payments

Enable secure and convenient web payment options to facilitate seamless online transactions.


Prioritize security measures, ensuring data protection and a secure user browsing experience.

Working With Softice Technology

We are a preferred website developer for Agency-to-Agency and on-demand website development service. we have delivered over 15k projects to serve a wide range of businesses. Our team leverages the latest web development technologies to fulfill our promises,


Results-Oriented and Customer-Centric

With our years of experience, we help businesses solve real-world problems and make strategic opportunities. Our primary focus is always on enhancing the customer’s experience and generating tangible business results.


Trustworthy, Timely, and Well-Recognized

Our team is always updated with state-of-the-art technologies and tools. We focus on streamlined project delivery under stipulated timelines and budgets. By following agile methodology, we always keep our clients in the loop.


Experienced and Talented Professionals

We have been developing websites for nearly a decade. We are a team of trained, certified, and experienced professionals that help innovative startups and companies to build competent digital experiences.


Team-Oriented, Transparent, and Communicative

We believe in transparent communication across multiple modes and keep our clients updated with the project's success. It is complete project visibility with open communication from the first day. Even after the project is launched, we are available to our clients.

How We Work?

  • Requirement
  • Design
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Project Management


The initial phase involves thorough communication with stakeholders to comprehend their needs and expectations.

A detailed analysis of the gathered information helps in creating a clear and concise set of requirements that will serve as the foundation for the entire software development process.

Building a complete, functional, and thorough website from scratch is our strength.



The design phase focuses on translating the gathered information into a blueprint for the software solution.

This includes creating system architecture, database design, and user interface mock-ups.

The design phase also involves making decisions about technologies, platforms, and frameworks that will be utilized in the development process.



The development phase is when we work on the actual execution of the software solution/app idea.

Once everything is discussed and there’s a finalized design on the table, our developers put their skills and expertise to work, creating a feature-rich product.

According to the agreed tech stack, all necessary resources are leveraged to ensure perfection.



Quality assurance is paramount in the testing phase.Once the product is tested against various constraints and passes the quality check, it’ll be ready for deployment.

Bugs and issues are identified, addressed, and retested before moving to the deployment phase.

Continuous monitoring during and after deployment allows for prompt identification and resolution of any unforeseen issues.



Once the product is tested against various constraints and passes the quality check, it’ll be ready for deployment.

It’s time to “end” the development process, but not without a proper plan.

Our team will come up with a proper deployment plan in this phase, stating how your software should go live, who will do it, and how it will be maintained in the future.

Project Management

Project Management

Post-deployment, the software enters the maintenance and support phase.Your product will be ready to roll.

This involves monitoring the system’s performance, addressing any issues that may arise, and releasing updates or patches as needed.

User feedback is crucial during this phase, guiding the development of future enhancements or features.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

What is Web Development?
Web Development broadly refers to the tasks associated with developing functional websites and applications for the Internet. The web development process includes web design, web content development, client-side/server-side scripting and network security configuration, among other tasks.
What is HTML?
HTML, aka HyperText Markup Language, is the dominant markup language for creating websites and anything that can be viewed in a web browser.
What are some basic technical skills of a Front-End developer?
  • HTML, CSS, JavaScript
  • Frameworks (CSS and JavaScript frameworks)
  • Responsive Design
  • Version Control/Git
  • Testing/Debugging
  • Browser Developer Tools
  • Web Performance
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Command Line
  • CMS (Content Management System)
What is HTTP?
HTTP, aka HyperText Transfer Protocol, is the underlying protocol used by the World Wide Web and this protocol defines how messages are formatted and transmitted, and what actions Web servers and browsers should take in response to various commands.
What is CORS?
CORS, aka Cross-Origin Resource Sharing, is a mechanism that enables many resources (e.g. images, stylesheets, scripts, fonts) on a web page to be requested from another domain outside the domain from which the resource originated.

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